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Decade Research Resources

Hey 5th graders,

Here are some helpful resources for your decade research:

This is a good overview of the major events of each decade

This article on United States History is a helpful starting off point to understand what’s going on in your decade.

On the left hand side of this page are the decades listed in order starting with 1900 – click the links for more information

On if you type in “the 1950s” or any other decade you will find information, articles, and videos related to those events

This link contains information for the 50s through the 90s 

From the 40s to the 90s – info on music and entertainment

Stories by the year

Timeline archive of major events, could be helpful!

Major events & their dates from US History

FADS from over the years 1920 – 1990s 🙂

Math Fun !

Hey Everyone,

I know that since I’m not here today you are probably feeling like this…

But don’t worry. After all the fun stuff I have planned for you guys to do in my absence you are gonna be all…


Today in math, I would love to see 45 minutes of MATH on Khan academy. Work on your 3rd grade percentage, master a million skills, get 100% in 5th grade really quick. You know, the usual.

After that time you have some CHOICES.  Here they are:

Work on Solvemoji (I ❤ this site!)

Challenge your friends to a range of academic games & delights on Arcademics 

Practice your CODING skills on KA or Scratch!

Have fun! Work hard! Be kind!

Lots of love,

Ms. Thomas

Photosynthesis Poster Project


Today your task is to create a poster that explains the process of photosynthesis. You will work in groups of 3 to create a poster that describes what photosynthesis is and the key steps in the process.

To help you with this, you have some photosynthesis clip art, as well as the resources below. Each person on your team has been assigned a color. This will help me see how each person in your group contributed to your poster.

Use the resources below to help you:

Brainpop video


Photosynthesis vocabulary (from brainpop)

Online article/resource

Happy poster making!


Ms. Thomas

PS – here are two examples to help you see what your finished product should look like: